Making Peace A Priority

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Peace is necessary to man, without which there will be chaos on earth. Over the years, nations and tribes have fought and sought after peace within their localities and with their neighbours.

Some have made notable progress in attaining peace while other nations are still fighting for peace. The United Nations Organization has played many significant roles in bringing peace to many nations of the earth. Apart from regional peace making, peace within one’s self is also vital for personal progress in life.

Peace is a precious gift from God which must not be compromised. It is the will of God that all men everywhere have peace on earth. Sadly, that is not the case, as some have not committed their will and ways to God, the giver of peace.
To make peace is to understand the value of life. Naturally, every man is born with the sceptre (authority) of peace and should therefore endeavour to keep it.

Some people have decided to go against the natural existence of peace. We must bear in mind that though we have peace we must still seek, make and maintain it within ourselves and with our neighbours. Because we are surrounded by people of different backgrounds, cultures and life styles, do not expect everyone to give you the peace you deserve. In fact some people have vowed to steal the peace of others. As a result, there’s the need for you to be vigilant in keeping the peace you already have.

Peace must be created

Peace is something the Lord gives, however, it must be received or accepted, and steps must be taken to manifest it – this is the creation of peace.
It is necessary to work hard in maintaining peace with all men. Where and when there is no peace, your presence should create one. Your words and deeds should be seasoned with peace.

Jesus Christ, when ministering the beatitudes said “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God” (Matthew 5:9).
In creating peace in and around you, there are things you must do and not do; there are words you must say and not say. Your words and actions have the potential of making peace or war.

You must be a peace maker. Peace makers are blessed and happy people. Peace makers are the sons of God. Bear in mind, not everyone is poised in giving or taking peace.

Please Share This Post To Bless Someone

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